Kia Niro: Brake System / Brake bleeding prcoedures

AHB Brake System Bleeding procedure

Do not reuse the drained fluid.

Always use genuine DOT3/DOT4 brake Fluid. Usinga non-genuine DOT3/DOT4 brake fluid can causecorrosion and decrease the life of the system.

Make sure no dirt or other foreign matter is allowed tocontaminate the brake fluid.

Do not spill brake fluid on the vehicle, it may damagethe paint; if brake fluid does contact the paint, wash itoff immediately with water.

When bleeding air, make sure the brake fluid is above10mm starting from the “MIN” line.

To remove the reservoir tank cap to refill the brakefluid, always close the air shut-off valve of the SST.

Air Bleeding Tool Installation Procedure


To prevent the brake fluid reservoir tank from beingdamaged and ensure the safety of worker, set thepressure of the gauge to the standard value beforeinstalling the SST.


Before installing the SST on the vehicle, close the airshut-off valve (A) to adjust the pressure gauge to thestandard value.


For safety of worker and correct pressure setting,make sure that the plug (B) is installed correctly.


After connecting an air hose and opening the airshut-off valve (A), adjust the pressure gauge (B) withto the standard value.

Standard pressure value:sp

0.3 - 0.5MPa (43.5 - 72.5psi)


close the air shut off valve (A) and remove the plug(B).


For safety of worker, make sure that the air shut offvalve is closed and remove the plug.


Remove the brake reservoir tank cap.


Install the cap (A) of SST (0k585-E8100) on thereservoir tank.


Make sure the check valve (A) is closed and connectSST(09580-3D100) (A) to the adapter (B).

Air Bleeding Tool Removal Procedure


To remove the SST (09580-3D100) from the vehicle,close the air shut-off valve (A) first.


After disconnecting the air hose (B), bleed air in thereservoir tank by opening the air shut-off valve (A)slowly.


To prevent backflow of brake fluid, be sure to openthe air shut-off valve slowly then bleed air in thereservoir tank.


Remove SST (09580-3D100) and the cap of SST(0k585-E8100) on the reservoir tank.


Inatall the brake reservoir tank cap.

AHB Brake System Bleeding Step 1 (IBAU ECU OFF)


IBAU filled with brake oil should be used for bleeding.


Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal to turn off IBAU ECU.


Set the air bleeding tool (SST: 09580-3D100) and the cap of SST (0k585-E8100)to reservoir tank and make pressure (0.3-0.5MPa (43.5 - 72.5psi)) to it.


Initiate air bleeding on all bleed screws in the following sequences until air bubbles no longer appear in the fluid. After air bleeding, close the bleed screws.

? PSU ? IBAU (2 bleed srews) ? 4 wheels (15 seconds for each)


Perform air bleeding while stepping on the brake pedal and opening bleed screws; then, close bleed screws and release the brake pedal. Perform this procedure 10 times.

Bleed screw sequence : ? IBAU (2 bleed srews) ? 4 wheels

Repeat it until air bubbles no longer appear in the fluid

Be cautious that air come in the brake line with opening the bleed screws too much.

AHB Brake System Bleeding Step 2 (IBAU ECU ON)


Connect the negative (-) battery terminal to turn on IBAU ECU.


Set the ECU S/W to air bleeding mode on the brake system.


Setting the ECU S/W to air bleeding mode in 30 seconds.


After turning IGN ON with the engine start button, set the front wheels straight forward and the shift lever knob in Parking.


Press and release the brake pedal 10 times while pushing the VDC OFF switch. Make sure to press the brake pedal more than 40 mm and realease it fully without any step on.


Turn off the engine start button; then, start the engine and turn on the "VDC off" switch.

The air bleeding mode is deceased in each following condition.


IGN OFF and shift lever knob in D/R/N


Detecting DTC


Brake fluid level is under "MIN".


Turn off the "VDC off" switch.


Use the air bleeding tool (SST: 09580-3D100, 0K585-E8100) and feed oil pressure 0.3 - 0.5MPa (43.5 - 72.5psi) into the reservoir.

Loosen the bleed screws on 4 wheels; then, initiate air bleeding and close them while depressing the brake pedal half stroke continuously. Perform it 10 times; then, release the brake pedal.


Connect the GDS to the data link connector located underneath the dash panel and perform "Fluid Circulation Mode" on GDS.

Fluid Circulation Mode is to remove air bubble in the brake fluid, which is realeased into the air while circulating the brake fluid inside the IBAU to the reservior tank.

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