Toyota Corolla: Type A: Function achieved by using a smart phone or DCM / Before using the function

The required operations to activate applications and connect a smart phone to the system, and the registration steps for the connected services are explained in this section.

■ Subscription

■ Availability of function

■ Initializing personal data

The personal data used in applications can be reset.

The following personal data can be deleted and returned to their default settings:

Once initialized, the data and settings will be erased. Pay much attention when initializing the data.

By using a smart phone or DCM
A - Content provider Provides contents to the application server. B - Application server Provides applications to the system or a smart phone. C - Smart phone Using the Toyota mobile application, com ...

Preparation before using Toyota mobile application
■ Settings required to use Toyota mobile application Perform the settings in the following order. 1 Download the Toyota mobile application to your smart phone or the system. 2 Open the Toyota mobile ...

Other information:

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