Kia Niro: SRSCM / SRS Control Module (SRSCM) Repair procedures

Kia Niro 2017 (DE HEV) Service Manual / Restraint / SRSCM / SRS Control Module (SRSCM) Repair procedures


Remove the battery (-) cable.


Disconnect the battery negative terminal and wait for at least thirty seconds before beginning work.


Remove the driver's seat.

(Refer to Body-see "front-seat assembly")


Remove the front door scuff trim.

(Refer to Body - see "door scuff trim")


Remove the cowl side trim.

(Refer to Body - see "cowl side trim")


It is removing the floor console assembly.

(Refer to Body - see "Floor Console Assembly")


Fold the floor carpet (A) to backward.


Remove the clip and take off the rear heating ducts (A).


Remove the cowl cross bar and the bracket (A).


Pull the locking lever of the airbag system control module (SRSCM) connector and remove the connector (A).


Unscrew the nuts and remove the airbag system control module (A).

Tightening torque:

8.0 - 10.0N.m(0.8 - 1.0 kgf.m, 5.9 - 7.3 lb-ft)


You must remove or install SRSCM or other SRS components with the ignition switch OFF to avoid accidental airbag deployment.


Install in the reverse order of removal.

Variant coding

After replacing the SRSCM, the “Variant Coding” must be performed.


On SRSCM variant coding mode, the airbag warning lamp is periodically blinking (ON: 0.5sec., OFF: 0.5sec.) until the coding is normally completed.


If the variant coding is failed, DTC B1762 (ACU Coding Error) will be displayed and the warning lamp will be turned on.

In this case, perform the variant coding procedure again after confirming the cause in “DTC Fault State Information”.

Variant Coding can be performed up to 255 times, but if the number of coding work exceeds 255 times, DTC B1683 (Exceed Maximum coding Number) will be displayed and SRSCM must be replaced.


If the battery voltage is low (less than 9V), DTC B1102 will be displayed. In this case, charge the battery before anything else, and then perform the variant coding procedure.

DTC B1762 (ACU Coding Error) and B1102 (Battery Voltage Low) may be displayed simultaneously.

Variant coding Procedure

¦ On-Line type on KDS/GDS

Ignition "OFF", connect KDS/GDS.


Ignition "ON" & Engine "OFF" select vehicle name and airbag system.


Select Variant coding mode.


Follow steps on the screen as below.

1) Initial ACU Variant Coding screen

2) VIN Code entering screen

3) Variant coding's proceeding screen-1

4) Variant coding's proceeding screen-2

5) Variant coding is completed


1) This screen is opened when you try the variant coding again on the SRSCM which has bee performed variant coding.

2) Screen of communication failure

¦ Off-line type on KDS/GDS (This can be used when not connecting to internet)

1) Initial ACU Variant Coding screen

2) ACU Coding Code entering screen

3) ACU Coding code verification screen.

4) Variant coding's proceeding screen-1

5) Variant coding's proceeding screen-2

6) Variant coding is completed


1) This screen is opened when you try the variant coding again on the SRSCM which has been performed variant coding.

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