Kia Niro: Electro Chromic Inside Rear View Mirror / Description and operation


The ECM (Electro Chromatic inside rear view Mirror) is one that automatically dims to protect the driver’s eyes when it senses light reflecting from the car behind. The sensor in the mirror detects the brightness and if the headlight from the car behind is reflected on the mirror, the chemical layer inside the mirror reacts to glare and adjusts the reflectivity from 10 to 70%. When switching to the reverse gear, the mirror becomes bright regardless of the surrounding. The ECM receives voltage, ground and reverse gear signals, and uses two sensors to measure the intensity of glaring.


The forward facing sensor determines whether the surrounding space is dark enough to activate the function.


The rearward facing sensor detects the glare on the mirror. If the glare is detected, the sensor transmits the signal for the mirror to dim


The ECM is darkened to the level as determined by the rearward looking sensor. When the glaring is no longer detected, the mirror stops functioning.

(1. LED indicator, 2. ON/OFF Switch, 3. Rearward looking sensor, 4. Forward looking sensor)

Automatic-dimming Function

To protect your vision during nighttime driving, your mirror will automatically dim upon detecting glare from the vehicles traveling behind you. The auto-dimming function can be controlled by the Dimming ON/OFF Button :


Pressing and holding the Feature Control button for more than 3 but less than 6 seconds turns the auto-dimming function OFF which is indicated by the green Status Indicator LED turning off.


Pressing and holding the Feature Control button again for more than 3 but less than 6 seconds turns the auto-dimming function ON which is indicated by the green Status Indicator LED turning on.


The mirror defaults to the "ON" position each time the vehicle is started.

Components and components location
Components ...

Repair procedures
Inspection Check it by the procedure below to see if the function of the ECM is normal. 1. Turn the ignition key to the "ON" position. 2. ...

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