Kia Niro: Speed limit control system / To turn off the speed limit control, do one of the following

Kia Niro (DE HEV) Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / Speed limit control system / To turn off the speed limit control, do one of the following

If you press the cancel O switch once, the set speed limit will cancel, but it will not turn the system off. If you wish to reset the speed limit, move the lever up (to RES+) or down (to SET-) to the desired speed.


The “---” indicator will blink if there is a problem with speed limit control system.

If this occurs, we recommend that the system be checked by an authorized Kia dealer.

To set speed limit
1. Press the CRUISE & SPEED LIMIT MODE ( ) button twice on the steering wheel, to turn the system on. The speed limit indicator light will illuminate. 2. Move the lever down (to SET-). ...

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