Kia Niro: Hybrid System Overview / The components of hybrid vehicle

Kia Niro (DE HEV) Owners Manual / Hybrid System Overview / The components of hybrid vehicle

1. Engine : 1.6L
2. Motor : 32kW
3. Transmission : 6DCT
4. Hybrid starter generator (HSG)
5. HPCU (Hybrid Power Control Unit)
6. High voltage battery system
7. Generative brake system
8. Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS)

The Hybrid battery uses high voltage top operate the electric motor and other components and other components. High voltage is dangerous if touched.

Your vehicle is equipped with orange colored insulation and covers over the high voltage components to protect people from electric shock. High voltage warning labels are attached to some system components as additional warnings. Your vehicle is recommended to be serviced by an authorized Kia dealer.


HEV Battery


Never touch orange or high voltage labeled components including wires, cables, and connections. If the insulators or covers are damaged or removed, severe injury or death from electrocution may occur.


When replacing the fuses in the engine compartment, never touch the HPCU. The HPCU carries high voltage. Touching the HPCU could result in electrocution, serious injury, or death.




As with all batteries, avoid fluid contact with the Hybrid battery. If the battery is damaged and if electrolyte comes in contact with your body, clothes or eyes, immediately flush with a large quantity of fresh water.


Do not use an after-market battery charger to charge the Hybrid battery. Doing so may result in death or serious injury.

WARNING - High Waters

WARNING - Carrying Liquids in rear seat

Do not load large amounts of water in open containers into the vehicle. If the water spills onto the HEV battery, it may cause a short and damage the battery.

CAUTION - Cleaning Engine

When you clean the engine compartment, do not wash using water. Water may cause electric arcing to occur and damage electronic parts and components.

WARNING - Exposure to High Voltage

WARNING - Use of Water or Liquids

If water or liquids come into contact with the hybrid system components, and you are also in contact with the water, severe injury or death due to electrocution may occur.

WARNING - Hot Components

When the hybrid battery system operates, the HEV battery system can be hot. Heat burns may result from touching even insulated components of the HEV system.

CAUTION - Prolonged parking

Prolonged parking might cause battery discharge and operation failure due to natural discharge. Driving the vehicle approximately once every 2 months, more than 15 km is recommended. The battery will be charged automatically when driving the vehicle.

Safety plug

The safety plug is located underneath the rear seat.


Never touch the safety plug under the rear seat. Safety plug is attached to high voltage hybrid battery system. Touching safety plug will result in death or serious injury. Service personnel should follow procedure in service manual.

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