Kia Niro: LCD windows / LCD Modes

(1) Trip Computer mode

This mode displays driving information like the tripmeter, fuel economy, and so on.

❈ For more details, refer to “Trip Computer” in this chapter.

(2) Turn By Turn mode (if equipped)

This mode displays the state of the navigation.

(3) LKAS/SCC mode (if equipped)

This mode displays the state of the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) and Smart Cruise Control (SCC).

(4) Audio mode (if equipped)

This mode displays the state of the A/V system.

(5) Service mode

This mode informs of service interval (mileage or days) and pressure status of each tire.

(6) Master warning mode

This mode informs of warning messages related to washer fluid or malfunction of Blind Spot Detection system (BSD) and so on.

(7) Door open mode

When the any door is not closed securely, this symbol illuminated.

(8) User settings mode

On this mode, you can change setting of the doors, lamps, and so on.

❈ For controlling the LCD modes, refer to “LCD window Control” in this chapter.

Engine Brake/Regeneration
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Turn By Turn Mode
This mode displays the state of the navigation. ...

Other information:

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