Kia Niro: The components of hybrid vehicle / Some Special Features of the Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrid vehicles sound different than gasoline engine vehicles. When the hybrid system operates, you may hear a sound from the hybrid battery system behind the rear seat. If you apply the accelerator pedal rapidly, you may hear a sound. When you apply the brake pedal, you may hear a sound from the regenerative brake system. When the hybrid system is turned off or on, you may hear a sound in the engine compartment. If you depress the brake pedal repeatedly when the hybrid system is turned on, you may hear a sound in the engine compartment. None of these sounds indicate a problem.

They are characteristics of hybrid vehicles.

When the hybrid system is turned on, the engine may run. This does not indicate a malfunction. If the "READY" symbol is on, the hybrid system is operating. Even if the gasoline engine is off, you can operate the vehicle.

The HEV system may emit electromagnetic waves which can affect the performance of electronic devices appliances, such as laptop computers, which are not part of the vehicle design.

If you park the vehicle for a long time, the hybrid system will discharge. You need to drive the vehicle several times per month to maintain a charge.

When you start the hybrid system in the "P" transmission position, the "READY" symbol is illuminated in the cluster. The driver can drive the vehicle even if the engine is stopped.


When you leave the vehicle, you should turn off the hybrid system. If you depress the accelerator pedal by mistake and the vehicle is not in the "P" position, the vehicle will accelerate. This may result in serious injury or death.

The components of hybrid vehicle
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