Peugeot 2008: Ease of use and comfort / Rear bench seat

Bench seat with fixed cushions and split folding backrests (2/3-1/3) to adapt the boot load space.

Rear head restraints

Peugeot 2008. Rear bench seat

They have two positions:

The rear head restraints can be removed.

Removing a head restraint

Refitting a head restraint

Peugeot 2008. Rear bench seat Never drive with passengers seated at the rear when the head restraints are removed; the head restraints should be in place and in the high position.

The head restraint for the centre seat and those for the outer seats are not interchangeable.

Folding the backrests

Peugeot 2008. Rear bench seat Manoeuvring the backrests should only be done when the vehicle is stationary.

First steps:

Peugeot 2008. Rear bench seat

Peugeot 2008. Rear bench seat When the backrest is released, the red indicator in the release grip is visible.

Repositioning the backrests

Peugeot 2008. Rear bench seat First check that the outer seat belts are lying vertically flat alongside the backrest latching rings.

Peugeot 2008. Rear bench seat

Peugeot 2008. Rear bench seat Please note: an incorrectly latched backrest compromises the safety of passengers in the event of sudden braking or an accident.

The contents of the boot may be thrown forwards - risk of serious injury!

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