Peugeot 2008: Ease of use and comfort / Interior air recirculation. Maximum air conditioning. Switching off the air conditioning system

Peugeot 2008 2019-2021 Owner's Manual / Ease of use and comfort / Interior air recirculation. Maximum air conditioning. Switching off the air conditioning system

Interior air recirculation

The intake of exterior air prevents the formation of mist on the windscreen and side windows.

Recirculating the interior air isolates the passenger compartment from outside odours and fumes and allows the desired passenger compartment temperature to be achieved more rapidly.

The function is activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged.

Maximum air conditioning

This function automatically adjusts the temperature setting to the lowest possible, the air distribution towards the central and side air vents, the air flow to maximum and, if necessary, activates interior air recirculation.

Once the function is deactivated, the system returns to the previous settings.

Switching off the air conditioning system

Its indicator lamp comes on and all of the other indicator lamps for the system go off.

This action deactivates all of the functions of the air conditioning system.

The temperature is no longer regulated. A slight flow of air can still be felt, due to the forward movement of the vehicle.

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