Kia Niro: Hybrid Control System / Inspection mode procedures

Procedure for entering engine forced activation mode

If the engine needs to be run constantly while the vehicle is stopped to inspect emission gas or perform maintenance on the vehicle, follow the below procedure to enter forced engine activation mode.


Place the shift lever in P range while the vehicle is stopped. Engage the parking brake. Then follow the below procedure and enter forced engine activation mode.


The below procedures 1) to 5) for forced engine activation mode must be completed within 60 seconds. When this has been lapsed, the process will be reset and start again from step 1).


Without depressing the brake pedal, push the Engine Start/Stop button twice to enter IG ON mode.


With the gear in P, depress the accelerator pedal twice.


With the gear in N, depress the accelerator pedal twice.


With the gear in P, depress the accelerator pedal twice.


With the brake pedal depressed, push the Engine Start/Stop button to start the engine and maintain idling.


Engine will continue to remain idling and forced engine activation mode will be maintained even if the gear is shifted to a different range.


“READY” lamp blinks in the Cluster when the vehicle is in forced engine activation mode. Check that the “READY” lamp blinks to ensure that the system is in forced engine activation mode.


“READY” lamp will continue to blink until the forced engine activation mode is cancelled. “READY” lamp will stop blinking when the forced activation mode is cancelled.


Forced engine activation mode can be cancelled by pressing the Engine Start/Stop button and switching to IG OFF mode.

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