Toyota Corolla: Continuously variable transmission (vehicles with paddle shift switches) / Changing gears in the M position

To enter 10-speed sport sequential shiftmatic mode, shift the shift lever to M position. Gear steps can then be selected by operating the shift lever or paddle shift switches, allowing you to drive in the gear step of your choosing.

Toyota Corolla. Changing gears in the M position

1 Upshifting<> 2 Downshifting

The gear changes once every time the shift lever or paddle shift switch is operated.

The selected gear step, from M1 to M10, will be displayed on the multi-information display.

However, even when in the M position, the gear steps will be automatically changed if the engine speed is too high, or too low.

■Gear step functions

■When the vehicle comes to a stop with the shift lever in the M position

■Downshifting restriction warning buzzer

To help ensure safety and driving performance, downshifting operation may sometimes be restricted. In some circumstances, downshifting may not be possible even when the shift lever or paddle shift switch is operated. (A buzzer will sound twice.)

■If the 10-speed sport sequential shiftmatic mode indicator does not come on even after shifting the shift lever to M

This may indicate a malfunction in the continuously variable transmission system. Have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer immediately.

(In this situation, the transmission will operate in the same manner as when the shift lever is in D.)

■Continuously variable transmission fail-safe control

The system detects malfunctioning parts targeted (all of the solenoids that perform the shifting function) by the On-Board Diagnostics, and performs fail-safe mechanisms, such as restricting the shifting function or transmission ratio control. In this event, the malfunction indicator lamp turns on.

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