Kia Niro: AC Inverter System / AC Inverter Unit Repair procedures


Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.


Remove the luggage side trim [RH].

(Refer to Body - "Luggage Side Trim")


Disconnect the AC inverter unit connector (A).


Remove the AC inverter unit (A) after loosening the mounting nuts.


Install the AC inverter unit.


Connect the AC inverter unit connector.


Install the luggage side trim [RH].


Connect the negative (-) battery terminal.


Before starting repair work, turn off the engine and AC inverter.

Working on AC inverter while it's turned on may cause electric shock.

Working on AC inverter with wet hands may cause electric shock.

AC Inverter Unit Schematic diagrams
Circuit Diagram ...

AC Inverter Outlet Switch Components and components location
Components ...

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